We have the breadth of resources and experience to provide input on all stages of a project’s development: airports, power, utilities, high-rise condominium, office buildings, industrial, etc. We have a dedicated team of professionals who assist in arranging financing for acquisitions, turnarounds, organic growth, refinancing, recapitalizations, buyouts and infrastructure development.

Our vast network of contacts is useful in sourcing various forms of debt and equity. We can secure project, expansion and turnaround financing as well as design innovative borrowing and corporate recapitalizations. We also use private and public equity markets to help our clients find the resources they need.

We support the growth of real estate development in the high-rise condominium, medical centre, apartment buildings, retail, hotel and industrial sectors.

Equity Financing
We support clients with financing solutions across the full capital stack, and enjoy long-standing relationships with premier providers of equity financing for commercial real estate properties. Equity lending is complicated and is usually arranged in combination with low risk conventional debt. We support by structuring complex equity financing proposals and capital solutions.

Our construction and development funding resource is suitable for all Real Estate Projects with a primary focus on Development & Construction. We can also structure funding for property related projects such as:

>> Development & Construction
>> Acquisition & Refurbishment
>> Land Acquisition & Development
Bridge Financing
We originate short to medium term capital for acquisitions and recapitalizations of existing assets. Ideal for transitional, non-stabilized assets with a value-add component or situations where a quick closing with surety of execution is needed. Bridge loans typically include, but are not limited to, opportunistic investment transactions for mispriced assets with substantial upside through turnaround situations, discounted payoff and discounted note acquisitions.
Mezzanine Debt Financing
We support mezzanine debt to give a sponsor greater proceeds and go higher on the capital stack (LTV) than what senior conventional debt would allow. Mezzanine loans are typically secured by second liens on real estate or by partnership and limited liability company interests.

They are ideal for opportunistic purchases to minimize the direct common equity required, recapitalizations, financing PIPs and refinances where the principal amount currently owed is higher than what senior debt loan commitments can be obtained.