Introducing Commercial
Net-Zero Energy Plan™

Best and brightest solution to change the way we power our buildings.

Livesolar is on a mission to make solar energy affordable for more community and commercial buildings. We help them upgrade their building to solar energy without the big upfront cost.

We live in exciting times – where business can change the status quo of electricity while changing our planet’s future for the better. It’s never made more sense for business owners to break free from their power company and enjoy the many benefits of solar. We’d love to help you do it.

Locked-In Savings

You know when you open your utility bill and gasp because your electric rates suddenly went up?

That won’t happen anymore. With Livesolar, we offer a guaranteed rate – and even better? We lock in those rates for 20 years. The Catch? Well, there is no catch. Really. Here’s all there is to it.

  • We buy the system and install it on your roof.
  • You pay a low monthly lease for your electricity.
  • It generates power for you – with rates that are locked in.

No Downpayment

Some people say the future energy is expensive and overwhelming.

We launched Livesolar Net-Zero Energy Plan and took both the cost and complexity hurdles out of the equation.

By partnering with the leading financing institutions with a solar lease, you don’t have to pay upfront cost of panels, equipment and installation.

Instead of paying for a solar system, you pay a fixed monthly amount to install solar panels and use the electricity they generate. It’s easy and affordable.

Hassle Free

When you think commercial solar, you might think complicated.

We partner with major financial institutions to buy the system. We work with the best local installers to put it on your roof. The system comes with a 25-years manufacturer warranty, is transferable, and we handle any repairs and maintenance.

Getting Started

Every business is unique, so we start by talking with you about your specific energy needs and project goals.

We will provide initial information and data in order to show you how the Net-Zero Solar Plan can assist in generating your own solar power and how retrofitting your building can lower your operating costs.