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Livesolar Capital Real Estate Advisory is an international real estate consultancy firm. The scope of our services is tailored to the needs of each client, whether from the private or public sector. Our unique approach combines broad real estate experience, vast resources and a diverse network of clients and contacts.

Our Real Estate practice offers objective advice to companies engaging in a transaction for the purpose of growth, financing or monetization.

We provide independent advisory services to real estate investors and developers in relation to M&A transactions, financing and restructuring.

Our Transaction Real Estate team brings a collaborative approach to understanding your real estate assets and identifying potential opportunities and challenges. By considering current and potential future values, financing or other related information, we can develop an action plan to align real estate with business objectives.

Real Estate Advisory

The real estate industry is highly susceptible to changing demographics, interest rate spikes and the economy. Whether you are a real estate owner, investor, lender or lease-holder, you face both risks and opportunities in the increasingly diverse and rapidly expanding real estate industry.

From market conditions and trends to stakeholder expectations, from operational flexibility to availability of capital, we bring a holistic analysis of the factors that shape real estate strategy, to help define the approach that supports your company’s growth goals. We serve the business, financial tax and real estate advisory service needs of a variety of companies across the country for sustainable business practices

Transactions are often complex and require specific tax and transaction expertise. We provide hands-on solutions to ensure easy implementation.

Construction Financing

There are numerous sophisticated, private equity investors based in Canada and internationally who are keenly looking for real estate investments.

We have the breadth of resources and experience to provide input on all stages of a project’s development: airports, power, utilities, high-rise condominium, office buildings, industrial, etc.

Access to capital is one of the most significant challenges facing construction projects today. We regularly represent private equity funds, investors and organizations seeking investments, as well as principals wishing to raise new or additional private equity, both within Canada and internationally.

Direct Real Estate Investment

The underlying fund invests primarily in prime quality income-producing properties including commercial, retail, industrial and multi-family residential. It holds properties in many different locations.

Commercial real estate is an alternate asset class not always accessible to most retail investors, and a unique investment option to diversity a portfolio.

Put insured investment benefits to work for you against market downfall, we provide a principal guarantee up to 100%

We specializes in finding well-researched private investment opportunities to our clients.

Renewable Energy

Livesolar is on a mission to make solar energy affordable for more community and commercial buildings.

We live in exciting times – where business can change the status quo of electricity while changing our planet’s future for the better. It’s never made more sense for business owners to break free from their power company and enjoy the many benefits of solar. We’d love to help you do it.

With every building greener, one day every Canadian will have environmentally responsible, economically profitable and healthy places in which to live and work.

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