The transaction advisory offer a forward-looking perspective and track record of success across the entire transaction life cycle. Whether representing buyers, sellers or lenders, we offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum. As part of a global consulting firm known for success in high-profile, high-stakes transactions, we help our clients maximize value and minimize risk.

Leveraging your real estate assets effectively requires a careful understanding of their attributes and how they are aligned with your business’s overall goals and strategy. Financial and commercial market pressures, stakeholder expectations and cash and/or capital constraints are just a few of the threats that can place immense pressure on your business.

Our Transaction Real Estate team brings a collaborative approach to understanding your real estate assets and identifying potential opportunities and challenges. By considering current and potential future values, financing or other capital allocated to real estate and other related information, we can develop an action plan to align real estate with business objectives.

Buyer Services
The buyer services supports the client in every aspect of the buying process. We perform comprehensive due diligence, including quality of earnings, synergy analysis and evaluation of projections. We help assess key value drivers and risk factors. We also counsel clients on the most advantageous tax and accounting structures and oversee the contract and valuation processes. The services provided include:

>> Market analysis and assessment
>> Property evaluations
>> Assessing complex assets and portfolios, including in-depth buy-side due diligence
>> Deal structuring and tax planning
>> Licensed real estate broker services

Seller Services
We support clients on the seller side to help them manage the sales process, increase the probability of a successful sale and realize maximum value at the time of the transaction. The team does this by:

>> Providing vendor due diligence to reduce risk and make the sale process more efficient
>> Evaluating businesses or entities for sale, including quality of earnings, balance sheet and working capital requirements
>> Identifying value enhances and value issues
>> Negotiating with buyers on the client’s behalf
>> Preparing offering memorandum
>> Managing the due diligence process

Lender Services
We advise clients on all aspects of the lending decision-making process, for both domestic and foreign-based opportunities. The services provided include:

>> Reviewing and sensitizing cash flow and business plan projections
>> Performing due diligence, analyzing collateral and monitoring portfolios
>> Assisting in credit-crisis situations and suggesting troubled-credit restructuring alternatives
>> Supporting securitization and providing backup management services

Our deal valuation experts work with clients to prepare opening balance sheet valuations, perform impairment analyses and assist with enterprise valuation. We also help private equity general partners with valuation of their holdings, including capital adequacy used to facilitate dividend recapitalizations, solvency and fairness opinions. The services provided include:

>> Property and portfolio revenue analysis
>> IFRS advisory
>> Impairment testing and other issues related to financial reporting requirements
>> Litigation support

Tax Services
The tax services team develops strategic solutions to clients’ tax issues arising from acquisitions, sales and restructuring and advises on all matters of compliance. This helps clients realize the maximum tax advantages from their transactions. The services provided include:

>> Tax-efficient acquisition structures
>> Financing alternatives
>> Legal entity rationalization
>> Domestic and cross-border joint ventures
>> Tax deferral and minimization strategies
>> Implementation of complex internal reorganization