Achieving some measure of sustainability in a project is now standard in the development industry. We have extensive experience in applying Cost Management services to design and construction strategies, methods and materials in ways that support clients in achieving their green goals with optimum economy.

As Sustainable Building Consultants, we can advise on the development of LEED design strategies, provide carbon neutral cost consulting, facilitate an integrated design process, identify cost-effective design alternatives and assess long-term costs and benefits of specific design measures.

LEED Sustainable Building Advisory
The most successful green projects are created when there is collaboration between all members of the project team. We serves as the catalyst for this collaboration. We understand all aspects of the project and enhance a project team’s resources with our dedicated wisdom, knowledge and hands-on experience of sustainable building design and construction.

>> assemble a team of qualified “LEED specialty” professionals (e.g.: CxA, EM, IAQ, BEP CxA, Env.Eng.)
>> assist selection of LEED experienced design/construction team
>> assist design team determine what, when and how to meet LEED compliance requirements
>> help select the right LEED credits to achieve project objectives
>> document information correctly and completely to get speedy approval
>> efficiently and accurately process Registration and Certification

High-Performance Building Consulting
How do you make a building “green” or “sustainable”? We believe it begins with the owner’s goals, understanding that the focus lies within the Return on Investment (ROI). The strongest ROI for sustainable building starts when the building’s level of performance increases.

We pride ourselves in pushing the bar on building performance first and foremost through energy and water efficiencies. In doing so we continually remind our clients of the importance of the golden rule of efficiency – what is measured can be managed and improved.

We facilitates high-level strategy sessions for the sustainable planning, development, design and construction of buildings, campuses and facilities. Through experience we have developed many proprietary tools to effectively identify, facilitate and achieve high-performance building goals. It is imperative these goals are reinforced throughout the various phases of the project. Please review our list of services to learn in further detail how Green Ideas can help make your building a high-performer.
LEED Documentation Review
Our LEED documentation review is extensive and highly detail-oriented providing management and guidance throughout the LEED process. We support your team to refine their documentation as well as develop, maintain, and monitor ALL of the critical data, team information and communication required to smoothly and successfully navigate your LEED project. From the beginning of the project to the end we are there to:

>> Confirm Minimum Program Requirements
>> Review all drawings, diagrams, and other documentation included in Project Summary information
>> Review and confirm all Design Submittal Prerequisites and associated deliverables
>> Track and log all documents related to the Design Submittal by credit
>> Review and archive all supporting documents, credit templates and necessary data
>> Identify missing or incorrect calculations, supporting documents, and credit templates
>> Collaborate with the specifier to clarify incomplete product/materials data
>> Assist contractor in developing a Materials Procurement Strategy
>> Document construction waste diversion and provide the Construction Waste Management Plan
>> Document the Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
>> Assist contractors in reviewing and preparing the final LEED documentation prior to project closeout
Sustainable Specifications Guidance
Our product specifications service provides insight and assistance to the design team during the creation of the contract documents. Through our vast experience with LEED projects we have detailed project knowledge that will efficiently guide your team in the identification of materials and products for inclusion in the project specifications. Initially we analyze the LEED Project Checklist giving special focus to:

>> Material Resource credits and Indoor Environmental Quality credits
>> Construction Waste Management Plan and goals
>> Indoor Environmental Quality Plan goals
>> Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Sustainable Sites credit 1
Green Building Financing
We offer diversified financing services to green building owners for offices, apartments, condominiums and schools, representing a range of financing solutions. “Green” features include:

>> Green roofs covered with vegetation to help conserve energy
>> Storm water management systems that collect and recycle rain or gray water
>> Water efficient landscaping
>> Air quality measures (more effective ventilation, using low-emitting materials)
>> Built-in recycling areas in buildings
>> On-site renewable energy sources – solar or geothermal