EPC Contracting Services

\We provide a full range of services including site procurement, site analysis, engineering, design, turnkey installation, financing options and consulting services for infrastructure, energy and hospital projects.

Project Management
We provide complete project management services for projects and employ a strict project management process to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Components of our Project Management approach:

>> Define the Scope and Objective: Scope defines the boundary of the project. First we fine tune the scope and discuss the strategy around its completion.
>> Project Planning: Planning requires that the technical project manager decides which people, resources, and budget are required to complete the project.
>> Communication: Plans are communicated effectively to the project team.
>> Tracking and Reporting Project Progress: will monitor and compare the actual progress with the planned progress.
>> Change Management: manages changes by early notification to the project owner, together with recommendations.
>> Risk Management: Plans must be made to avoid risk. If risk cannot be avoided, it is mitigated to lessen its impact if it occurs.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction
We have a proven approach that has been used successfully to develop renewable energy projects. The approach consists of breaking the project into a series of concurrent engineering and business parts that allow a logical division of labour, with each part reporting directly to the technical project manager or the executive team.

Project Components:

>> Project Management,
>> Procurement (including equipment selection) and Construction,
>> Civil / Foundation Planning and Design,
>> Resource Assessment,
>> Environmental Permitting and Stakeholder Consultation,
>> Legal, Contracts and Land Control,
>> Public Relations,
>> Project Economics, and
>> Other Miscellaneous.

Financial / Economic Analysis
We have access to publishings extensively on economics, cost estimating, and the performance of operating infrastructure projects. More importantly, we have experience working closely with equity sponsors throughout the development process. We are able to advise our clients on numerous bid pricing strategies. As a result, have developed a strong proprietary insight into project economics.

Factors driving the financial pro-forma models of projects:

>> Capital Cost and Operating Cost
>> Cost of Senior Debt
>> Capital Cost Detail
>> Operating Cost Detail
>> Carrying Cost Analysis
>> Market Variables (interest rate, currency exchange, etc.)
>> Cash Flow
Vendor Review and Technology Assessment
Our experience spans various infrastructure sectors including power, energy, transit, railway and hydro-electricity.

We have had many discussions vendors including GE, and Siemens, and Our discussions are not limited to OEMs but also to component manufacturers.