We specialize in arranging debt and equity for both institutional and private clients. We underwrite and present transactions in an attractive form that will capture a lender’s attention and deliver the best available loan structure and interest rate.

Our service is comprehensive and includes professional mortgage consultation and analysis, underwriting and a full confidential investment memorandum. Presentation to the real estate lending community, review of lending offers and guidance through the funding process form part of our services.

We consult and assist in arranging commercial mortgages from $10 million to over $100 million on commercial real estate properties and portfolios across Canada. Type of property consists of:

>> Multi-residential
>> Apartment buildings
>> Retail
>> Shopping malls
>> Office buildings
>> Industrial buildings
>> Special purpose properties
>> Construction loans
>> Land financing

CMHC Insured Financing
Our expertise covers medium to large scale residential apartment buildings and the arrangement of apartment loans for both first and second mortgage bridge financing on stabilized and development properties.

CMHC provides insured financing options for construction, multi-family apartment buildings, nursing homes and first nation organizations with options for new acquisitions and the refinance of existing acquisitions. Some of these options include:

>> Fixed or floating rate
>> Progress advances
>> 1 to 25 year term
CMBS Lending Program
We assist reestablishing a valuable funding source within the Canadian market with our partner’s Commercial Mortgage Backed Security (CMBS) lending program. Underpinned by innovative features, our “made-in-Canada” CMBS solution provides you with a servicing standard and level of flexibility previously unattainable through CMBS financing.

When you purchase or refinance your commercial property through our partner’s CMBS lending program, you’ll benefit from faster decision-making and the support of our team from funding right through to the end of the mortgage term. CMBS is an excellent solution for:

>> Fixed rate loans for a 5-10 year term
>> Properties with stabilized and fairly regular cash flows
>> Conventional property types such as retail, office, industrial and multifamily
>> Properties where few modifications, developments, expansions or improvements are anticipated
>> Borrowers who need to diversify their lending relationships and loan exposure thresholds
>> Investors looking to maximize cash flow returns from their investment properties by increasing the amortization period